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Apex Legends New release date of the map, leaks and more

A battle royale game is an online multiplayer computer game genre that mixes last-man-standing gameplay with the survival, expedition and scavenging components of a survival video game. Battle royale video games involve lots to hundreds of gamers, who start with marginal devices and also then has to get rid of all other challengers while avoiding being trapped outside of a diminishing safe location or risk-free zone , with the champion being the last player or team to life. The name for the category is extracted from the 2000 Japanese movie Battle Royale, itself based on the story of the very same name, which provides a similar theme of a last-man-standing competition in a reducing play area. The style s origins emerged from mods for large on-line survival video games like Minecraft and also ARMA 2 in the very early 2010s. By the end of the decade, the style ended up being a social sensation, with standalone video games such as PlayerUnknown s Battlefields (2017 ), Fortnite Battle Royale (2017 ), Apex Legends (2019 ), as well as Phone Call of Responsibility: Warzone (2020 ), each having gotten 10s of countless gamers within months of their releases.

When Apex Legends 2019 came to the market for the first time, the popular Battle Royale game was delivered with a single card - King s Canyon. Since then, ResPawn World s Edge has been introduced to Season 3 and Olympus in Season 7. Each card has also changed fundamentally from season to season, with Season 10: Emergence World s Edge revised.

Over time and despite their numerous iterations to stay as fresh as possible, however, the cards wear out and the players are looking for something new. With four seasons that separate the two previously published additional APEX Legend s cards, Season 11 is hotly rumored that another new Apex Legend s card is recorded in the rotation.

So far, a series of leaks were reported around the new APEX Legend s card for Season 11, including their alleged name - Tropic Island . The new card could also contain links to Bangalore s missing brother Jackson.

But enough of the talk, here is everything we know about the new Apex Legends card for Season 11 - Tropic Island.

Release date of the new map of Apex Legends for Season 11

The new Apex Legend s card will probably appear November 2021 with the start of Season 11.

Since Apex Legends saisons usually take three months, we can assume that Season 11 will be released at the beginning of November. Apex Legends Emergence began on 3 August, so we assume that Season 11 could appear on or around 3 November.

Apex Legends New Card Season 11 Teaser

So far, there was not much on the teaser front when it comes to the new Apex Legends card.

A new POI added to Olympus during the Evolution Collection Event patch can be linked to the new card. The Parachute Pod - a bright orange spherical capsule located between the PowerStation East and the Welcome Center - houses a few small Easter eggs, including an indication of Bangalore s brother Jackson and a message Contacting the Origin Ship , which is adopted that She is connected to a ship on Tropic Island.

This new pod on Olympus seems to be important ????

  • Shrugtal (@shrugtal) 14 . September 2021

DataMiner, Shrugtal has explained that we could get a few new teasers in mid-October - only a few weeks before Season 11 should go live.

Apex Legends New Card Season 11 Leaks

The earliest reports about the new Apex Legend s card came back in August 2020, when Shrugtal discovered the name Tropic Island in the game s files. On the basis of the name you can hardly imagine that this is the name of a new card.

Map of the tropical island

  • Shrugal (@shrugtal) 18 . August 2020

After the first report, it was quiet for almost a year at the information front. That was, to GarretLeaks pictures of Tridents - the floating vehicles found on the Olympus - in July with the day Tropics . Therefore, it looks like the new card not only have the transport, but also pretty dirty. This was the first indication that it would give a muddy section on Tropic Island.

New Map - Tropics will have tidents, these can be distinguished by their dirt splashes. More info about the video shortly ????

  • Garret (@garretleaks) 18 . July 2021

In August, Shruttal published a video in which all information discovered so far has been reflected so far through Tropic Island. The DataMiner suggests that the card could be on the planet Gaea, the birthplace of Rampart, Caustic and Crypto. In addition, players may need ki-carthago spiders - killing on the planet - to kill to get higher-level prey.

Recently, screenshots that are supposed to show the landscape and topography of Tropic Island have found their way reddit. On these pictures we can see a mix of muddy stains - the former leaks - see sandy beaches and a collection of islands in the sea. Taking a trident is perhaps the best way to get to some of these pois as it seems.

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And that s all we have on the new Apex Legend s card. Needless to mention that we will update this page as soon as new information appears, and ResPawn confirms or finally demonstrates some of these rumors. While waiting for the new season 11 season, look at our list of Apex Legends levels so you know which legends you should play when you are released.


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